Student Jobs

Are you currently a student looking for a role in the construction industry or a part time role or a labouring job whilst you study? At Openforce we have you covered. The construction industry is booming and we can help you to find a temporary construction job.

Why construction?

Within the next 5 years, over 230,000 construction jobs are to be created therefore new roles are constantly being needed to be filled. With a growing skill shortage in the UK, now is the best time to join the UK construction industry.

The variety of roles to be filled range from painters, carpenters, bricklayers and much more. As well as on-site roles there are a range of positions in supporting services. Whatever qualifications you may already have, you will be able to find a role that suits you in the construction industry.

Where to find temporary construction jobs.

At Openforce we aim to provide a smart effective solution for students to find temporary work. Just sign up and list your skills and we will connect you to nearby jobs in your area. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, Openforce is an app based solution that pays you on time. With a quick and easy sign up process you can be in work by the end of the week.
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Experience Required?

Some jobs on our website do require some prior experience or training. Please make sure to check the details of the job before applying.

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