Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered some of the questions asked most often by employers and workers who want to know more about Openforce.

For workers

Why should I use Openforce?

We believe members of the modern workforce should never struggle to find opportunities.

Our mission is to redefine the professional relationships between construction workers and employers. We’re designing the best possible digital tools to make life easier for both sides.

How does Openforce work for me?

More than a third of workers in the UK construction industry are self-employed or freelance. Traditionally, they find work through recruitment agencies. We’re cutting out the middlemen so that you can approach potential employers directly.

We’re making it easier to find work by connecting workers like you with opportunities that match your requirements in terms of location, skills and your desired pay rate.

How much does it cost to use Openforce?

Nothing. It’s free for you to sign up with Openforce – meanwhile, traditional agencies charge up to 30% commission for their services – which comes out of the worker’s pocket. Openforce charges the employer a 10% booking fee once the job starts.

What do I do if I have an issue with my employer?

We always suggest that you raise the matter with your employer on site. If that’s not possible, we have a customer care team on hand during office hours to answer any questions and deal with any disputes.

What if I am late for a job or have to cancel?

Ideally, you should speak directly to your employer or site foreman to let them know. But our customer care team is on hand during office hours if any issues arise.

What if I don’t get paid, or get paid the wrong amount?

This shouldn’t happen, as payment is made directly from the employer to the worker once the job is completed. We recommend keeping the confirmation containing all relevant details sent to you via our app before the job starts.

However, if a dispute does arise, we have a customer care team available during office hours to iron out any issues.

All our systems and processes are fully visible and available to HMRC.

For employers

How does Openforce help employers?

Our mission is to redefine the relationship between companies and workers in the construction industry.

Traditionally, the industry has relied heavily on agencies to find workers. This system can be slow, inefficient and expensive.

Openforce is revolutionising the process by bridging the gap to directly connect workers and firms. You can now source workers in your area whose skills and availability match the job you need carried out.

How do you verify a worker is genuine and qualified?

All workers go through an in-app vetting process during which they must submit their ID, proof of address, two references and professional credentials, such as their CSCS card.

Once they meet these criteria, they can use our online platform.

Can I hire multiple workers through Openforce?

Yes, but because workers register as individuals, you should check each person separately and match them to particular positions you have available.

As the number of workers on our database grows, you will have more candidates to choose from, but you’ll also become more familiar with our method of putting the right people in touch with opportunities that suit them.

How does Openforce mitigate risk around payments?

We operate a fair, transparent payment system for workers and the companies who hire them.

Before any job begins, we send written confirmation of hiring terms.

We trust our customers to make good use of the platform and follow best practices, so they can continue to build their professional reputation.

All employees and employers agree to our five-star pledge when they sign up. Any party found breaching our policies will be banned from the platform and excluded from its benefits.

Our systems and processes are all fully visible and available to HMRC and we have a customer care team on hand during office hours to mediate any disputes that arise.

Can I extend my worker’s contract?

Yes. There’s no problem with keeping someone on board for longer than you first anticipated. But we suggest you do so via our online platform so that the terms of the extended engagement are confirmed in writing to both parties.

What if I’m not satisfied with my worker?

We always suggest raising any issues directly with your worker in the first instance.

All employers have the opportunity to review staff at the end of a job, so it’s in a worker’s best interest to provide an outstanding service. This guarantees a glowing review and helps them build their professional reputation.

However, we do have a customer care team available during office hours to answer any queries and mediate any disputes that may arise.