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Construction Workers UK

How to hire and retain the best qualified construction workers

The way you hire construction workers is no different to the process you would use to hire any employee in any other industry. It is all about attracting and retaining talent that will be an asset to a company or project. The construction industry and hiring trends While the construction is an industry like any…

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Jobs in Construction Field

How to gain work experience in construction

Keen on getting into the construction industry? Not a bad choice, as it is currently an industry that is developing fast as infrastructure requirements expand. Recently, it has also undergone a digital construction transformation thereby increasing both its potential and scope. Read on to find out how you can you start work in the industry…

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Construction Jobs London

Essential skills you need to succeed in construction jobs

Every career requires a different skill set and construction work is no exception to this. Construction skills actually go beyond the standard physical abilities, though that is essential. Obviously, the skills needed differ vastly from an office bound job, needing more physical dexterity which is why these are very specialised skill requirements. What are construction…

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Online Job Vacancies

How to Avoid High Construction Recruitment Agency Fees

Construction is big business, especially currently there is significant infrastructure development going on across the globe that has a massive impact on the world economy. The number of people involved in the construction industry is massive, be it admin, planning, engineering skilled or unskilled labour, fulltime, part time or contract bases. Depending on the projects…

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Digital Workplace Solutions

Top reasons to build a digital workplace for construction

Recently there has been a noticeable shift from office based traditional workplace to remote working and a digital workforce, as more and more business sectors adopt digital transformation has a means to increase productivity and relevance. The future of construction too has been largely based on a digital construction mindset, which has seen an increase…

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Construction Jobs in United Kingdom

Building a digital future for the construction industry

It may seem almost paradoxical to say, but for construction companies to thrive in the current environment it needs to undergo a digital construction. For a digital transformation to be successful, a construction company needs to have a clear business plan in place that maps out how going digital and including digital technologies will create…

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Best Jobs in London

Key trends shaping the future of work

Like everything in life, the dynamic of work as we know is shifting and moulding itself into different shapes to that of say 10 years ago. The recent global pandemic help accelerate the process of a structured workday, to that with much more fluidity. The future of work as we know it is undergoing a…

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Construction Jobs London

Applying for CSCS card – What you need to know

If you are looking to work in the construction industry in the UK, then you need to apply for CSCS card to confirm that you have the appropriate training and qualifications for onsite construction work. The Construction Skills Certification Scheme or CSCS was introduced by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), a non-profit company set…

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White Collar Jobs in UK

Blue-collar vs White-collar – What is the difference?

In an ever changing world, the standards of previously set norms are constantly being blurred. The same can be said about the definitions of the terms blue collar jobs and white collar jobs. At its most basic sense, the term, coined in the 1920s, refers to the attire generally worn by the individuals employed in…

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Construction Jobs in UK

What is your eligibility to work in the UK?

If working in the UK is your goal, then making sure you are eligible should be prioretised. Currently, in the construction industry, there are many opportunities for skilled workers. The key to securing a job opportunity is to follow the clear step by step process to make sure your eligibility to work in the UK…

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