About us

We wanted to create a platform that would make life easier for companies in the construction industry and the workers they employ. Latest figures show there are 2.4 million jobs in the UK construction industry and more than a third of the people working in it are self-employed. Our service is the solution to a pressing need in this vital trade.
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Our 5-star pledge

Values are the bedrock of all professional relationships. All of our users commit to our five-star pledge.






Workers and partners score each other based on how they lived up to the pledge.

More than just a hiring service

Openforce is here to help businesses find staff, and help workers find their next opportunity. Then we go one step further: once the right people are hired, we’ll manage the administration of contracts, including timesheets and payroll.
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Openforce was founded by Amol Kshatriya, a qualified architect. He worked on several large construction projects in London and saw first-hand some of the issues companies faced in recruiting skilled and trained tradespeople. That’s when he decided to build an online portal that would connect employers and workers.

Bridging the gap between firms and workers

Until now, recruitment in the sector has been managed by small, specialist agencies with large databases of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers on their books. The recruitment process can be slow and frustrating – Openforce is making it smooth, swift and efficient.